Monday, February 2, 2015

The Case of Commander Benjamin Strickland, Where Have All The Good Men Gone?

Imagine waking up one morning to find that your spotless and perfect career had gone off the track and over the rails. What would you do if the powers-that-be told you that they considered you "off the Reservation" ; not because you had committed a crime, or had been accused of sexual harassment, or worse, but because you had told the truth?
This nightmare scenario is happening more and more today in our military services.
What if Truth alone could not save you? What would you say then? Why me? Why now? What can this mean? Am I part of a bigger drama that I am not aware of? What made me the center piece of this Great Controversy?
No good deed goes unpunished. This means that life is unfair and people can do or try to do good things and still end up in a lot of trouble. Bad things happen to good people.
Sometimes helping out exposes us to some other danger; such as, the wrath of  small-minded petty individuals in a positions of power whose plans were disrupted by said good deed.
There are many such cases in the Unrestricted Coast Guard Chronicles (UCGC).

Consider the case of Commander Benjamin Strickland. 

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  1. The Unrestricted Coast Guard Chronicles are unrestricted, free, boundless, limitless, independent, open, unconfined, unconstrained, unrestrained, uncontained, unfettered, unshackled, without strings; and unprecedented.

  2. As William Safire once said, "What American needs is more contemporary historians". The Unrestricted Coast Guard Chronicles (UCGC) are unbound Coast Guard Contemporary History. William Lewis Safire, a Romanian Jew by origin, was an American author, columnist, journalist, and presidential speechwriter. He was perhaps best known as a long-time syndicated political columnist for the New York Times.

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  4. The Unrestricted Coast Guard Chronicles are True, unrestricted, free, boundless, limitless, independent, open, unconfined, unconstrained, unrestrained, uncontained, unfettered, unshackled, without strings; and unprecedented; because in the United States today, we have more than our share of political correctness and nattering nabobs of negativism.

  5. Seems like somebody had an axe to grind with the Commander.

  6. Thank you "Guardian Guy" for pointing out what appears to be an obvious reasonable conclusion. The question is who and why; also, when did the person or persons develop their evil intentions. Was it before the unfortunate chain of events, and the person or persons seized upon the opportunity to extract their pound of flesh; or, was it during or after the event and the perpetrators decided some pay-back might be in order. Or, perhaps some jealous individual thought that CDR Strickland needed a dose of humble pie. Did someone in the CGIS get their feelings hurt or felt that they had not been accorded due deference by CDR Strickland, and a sympathetic friend further up the chain-of-command do them a favor by exacting punishment against CDR Strickland; or, maybe even someone who may have believed that he had been derelict in his duties seized upon a scheme to make CDR Strickland take the blame for their malfeasance? These among others are all possibilities. We shall have to closely develop a time-line, and recreate the facts as closely as possible and closely scrutinize the actions and motives of all of the major players involved in this great tragedy. Like Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple in Agatha Christie's crime novels, I assure you that I will ferret out the facts. And I will use every ounce of common sense and good judgement that I have, and my knowledge of human nature along with my experience from 24 years of Coast Guard service and my 38 years of legal training to help me to try to unravel this riddle within a puzzle, wrapped inside of an enigma, and hiding in plain sight. Could this be just an unfortunate confluence of events with no malice involved? Or, is this all just a devious, diabolical old fashioned act of petty hatred and jealousy directed at a young fair-haired boy, much like that directed at Billy Budd the Fore-Topman in Herman Melville's novel entitled Billy Budd? But, have no fear, I can assure you that I will leave no stone unturned until I have solved this conundrum. And until then I don't think any men of good will can or should sleep soundly at night. A dirty deed such as has been perpetrated upon a loyal and talented officer as CDR Strickland and his family should not go unpunished. I will not rest until I have found the scoundrels responsible and hauled they kicking and screaming into the public light. At that point I will leave it to wheels of military justice to grind slowly but exceedingly fine.

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  8. I met this CDR once, he appeared to be a fine upstanding officer. I am a retiree, and he was still referring to me as "sparks" though the Radioman rate is long gone. Why is the CG punishing a person in leadership for doing the right thing? Maybe there are to many coach roaches up top and they need to be rooted out. I pray the Lord to save this country and the CG from the progressivism that is ruining every America.

  9. Thank you, mdrosser, for your comments and vote of confidence in CDR Strickland. There are many others of us who feel the way you do. We are quite puzzled by this unfortunate turn of events. Some how or other a skunk got into the picnic. I assure you that we will leave no stone unturned until we get to the bottom of it. Whoever the nefarious character is, he will have to stand up and take full credit or blame for what he has done. He has ruined a good man, a loyal wife, and tarnished the reputation of a fine young officer. For too long people have been able to do things like this and get away with it. But, no more. In the Spirit of Openness and transparency, we intend to peel back the curtain and examine the motives and actions of every one who was either a major or a minor player in this drama. I am optimistic and a little excited about what we will find. This is going to be the new norm in this man's Coast Guard. We want our service to be squeeky clean. No longer do we need to be embarrassed about the way things are done in the dark and never appear in the light of day. Of all the services, the Coast Guard is going to be a model of decorum, good order and discipline.

  10. I was stationed with the good CDR at HQ's a few short years ago, and what struck me was how much he cared about his shipmates. He was always there to offer a helping hand. In fact, when my son was born, he didn't hesitate to step-up and help my family out in our time of need. He also made sure that others were rewarded for a job well done. He did this, not because he had to, but because he wanted to. What i saw in him was our core of values on display. I would love to have worked for a CDR Strickland for my entire career. He sets the bar for others. I can't begin to fathom why he is being railroaded. The progressive takeover of the military and the nation has gone too far. It seems there is no room for people that do the right thing. I know this Chief supports him 100%. He's a fine officer and one hell of a shipmate. SCPO D. Rosser, USCG, ret

  11. A fish rots from the head down. Mr. Michael Berkow is the Director of CGIS. In May 2006 a female police detective with the LAPD sued the LAPD and Michael Berkow claiming that Mr. Berkow awarded choice assignments to female members of the LAPD who had sex with him. Ms. Ya-May Christle blew the whistle on her boss, Mr. Berkow, and was awarded more than $1,000,000.00 (a million dollars) in damages by a Los Angeles jury.
    Ms. Ya-May Christle was a Whistleblower.

  12. I wonder if the Coast Guard knew about his record before they hired him? How could they not know? In this age nothing is hidden from prying eyes. After all, this is the Coast Guard Investigative Service. Surely, they would investigate any person seeking the top job, wouldn't they? Only two key strokes would reveal about all there is to know about anyone these days. So, if the Coast Guard knew and they hired him anyway, what does that say about the Coast Guard's stated policy concerning sexual harassment, sexual discrimination, sexual assault, zero tolerance concerning matters of sexual discrimination, equal opportunity, and "merit selections"; that is merit promotion of only the best qualified, without regard to race, sex, age, color, creed, gender transformation, sexual orientation, or physical handicap?

  13. Dear ALPAT Hi Flyer HH-65,
    You said "So it seems the right actions were taken, but the investigation he requested turned against him. Why ?"
    Well, that is a good question, but not so easily answered.
    I would not phrase it so. The investigation, itself, may not have turned against him. It is more like the "powers that be" turned against him.
    The Coast Guard is a master plan designed by geniuses for execution by idiots. If you're not an idiot, but find yourself in the Coast Guard, you can only operate well by pretending to be one.
    If you are a moral, honest, person of integrity, who values friendship and loyalty, then you will come up against people who are not loyal, honest, or friendly.
    You may be called upon to do things that do not fit squarely within your moral compass. You may be asked to 'go along" in order to "get along". If you stand by your guns and refuse to compromise your moral principles or betray the trust of a friend or a superior, you may find yourself in the line of fire. The measure of a man is how much he is willing to risk in order to live with a clear conscious and be at peace with his God.
    I cannot say at this point if that may be the reason or a factor in this case. It is a bit premature to come to such a conclusion. I am just scratching the surface, but I intend to dig deep.
    But one thing is certain; that is, no good deed goes unpunished. And if you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you, then you may be sacrificed, because just as surely as some in the Coast Guard have been promoted to their "level of incompetence" and shit seeks its own level, then it may have been more practical that one man be sacrificed for to satisfy the bloodthirstiness of others.
    It has been said that everybody's life pivots on one or maybe two moments. We may not know at the time that we are making a decision that will resonate in Eternity.
    When the Righteous Judge comes along and the Books are opened, we will all be judged by the deeds recorded in the Books. I, for one, believe that it does not profit a man to gain the whole world and to loose his soul. It may turn out that CDR Strickland may have lost a tour of duty in Naples, Italy and maybe his career, but not his soul and a mansion in the sky.
    If it turns out that he stood up for truth, justice, and the American way, rather than become a party to an unholy conspiracy then it may turn out that what he sacrificed was trash and he received a better and more lasting reward.

  14. Seems I"m not the only one this happened too. 2 years ago I turned in an E8 for sexually assaulting a female civilian at MAW Camp (Ft Knox, KY). Reported it to my LT, who ran it up the chain at Sector Lake Michigan, who instead of following COMDT policy or CGIS mandatory reporting....crazy stuff, they passed it off to D9 Cleveland who sent the Chaplin and the CMC down to KY a week later to "investigate" my report and give the E8 a PG 7. Not only did nothing happen for 3 months, I received a PG 7 for a "bad attitude" and was slandered through out the district. Well, 3 months AFTER I reported it, the Sector Boston CO heard rumor about it and launched a CGIS investigation. Not only did they find the victim, it was confirmed that the incident took place but another admin investigation was launched to due MISHAP cover ups, destruction of government property and misconduct of personal. After all the investigations, the D9 Admiral who was a BFF to this E8, was quoted as saying "how hard do you want to squeeze to get anything out of this?", dismissed all charges then retired 2 weeks later. There is a good ol boy network in the USCG, almost like a mafia mentality. If you're connected, you are untouchable. I stood up for the truth and I was slandered, I was the tattle tale, the narc, the rouge Chief. My Command, my Chiefs Mess, my leaders were all silent bystanders. There were a few who stood with me....but way too many against me for doing the right thing. The CG leadership is more concerned about hiding this disease of sexual assault rather than destroying it because no one wants it too happen on their watch. They'd rather turn a blind eye then confront it......yes, all the good men are gone, replaced by self serving, not my problem cowards. Since I've retired, I've complained to my U.S. Senator, who promised to help.....then the mid term elections happened, then my vote wasn't important anymore (Senator Debbie Stabinow). I've filed a complaint with the DHS Office of Inspector General.....who turned it over to CGIS, who still to this day hasn't contacted me. No One cares! I've done a FOIA request and received about 200 pages of emails, documents and see the level incompetence and ignorance of senior leadership and how they downplayed the seriousness of the assault and all the other misconduct shows their ineptitude to lead others. I'm very sad for the future of the CG

  15. There is a documentry about this called "Invisiable war".

  16. was the Sector Buffalo Commanding Officer who launched the the CGIS investigation AFTER Sector Lake Michigan and D9 Cleveland failed too.

  17. Speechless. It seems the NKVD is in full control of today's Coast Guard. It's only a matter of time before political officers are stationed aboard every cutter to ensure total compliance with the party narrative. Thankfully we did not fight the Nazis with this group of senior leaders. I am glad I got out when I did, and I'm sorry to say that I would not recommend a military career to any young person until I am certain that sanity has been restored. Best of luck to you CDR *salute*

  18. Anonymous said : "Is that the way the Coast Guard has become since it is a small service, almost like a Good Ole Boy mentality ? For such a small service or agency, is it remarkable that there are these documented cases like the retired BMC's, Strickland's, Coast Guard Cadet Webster Smith, and the lawyer Mr Jordan's client ? Could it be that these just represent the proverbial tip of the iceberg and that there is more instances of retaliation, abuse of power, etc. within the Coast Guard ? Perhaps victory was declared by the Coast Guard Legal community when the retired BMC went away quietly instead of drawing attention to what he witnessed ?

    Seems like your blog is a means to document these instances. In many ways you are serving as a de facto historian of valuable life and learning experiences within the Coast Guard personnel management environment."

  19. Ichbinalj, not only were they glad when I left, I actually had one CDR who was on my side, and when he tried to inquire how the process was going, he was told by another CDR at Sector Lake Michigan to basically not talk about it and stop bringing it up. It was a line of domino's that started at the LTjg that I reported it too all the way up to the SLM CO, to the CDR's,CMC, Capt's and Admiral at D9 and no one wanted to be the one knock the first domino down. I wish I could find a way to post the Capt's First Endorsement on the investigation. The PIO recommended NJP for 2 training staff members (not because of the assault) but because of other things that were discovered during the assault investigation. Here is why the Capt at D9 didn't want to do NJP "I do not recommend NJP but prefer counseling and lesser admin measures be used not only to avoid the undesirable consequences mentioned above but to preserve the motivation of a retiring member whose services are required to produce the guidance necessary to prevent similar situations in the future."

    So basically, the Capt kept the guy who sexually assaults a female, destroys an M16 rifle (shot too hot, and bent the barrel), cover up's boat mishaps, cover up weapon security violations, drunken behavior (A.I.) etc that he can help prevent it in the future and continue doing his job??? WTF? If anyone says there's no such thing as a good ol boy club ...then I don't know what else to do to show it.

    On the 2nd endorsement of the POI report, regarding the Sexual Assault the other Capt said "There were several statements in this investigation that warranted further inquiry by CGIS. The CGIS investigation, conducted in December 2012 and Jan 2013, reveals additional details into the events that occurred on 15 Sep 2012 resulting in my determination that GMCS consumed alcohol and engaged in conduct that brought discredit to the Service. I direct that GMCS receive an Alcohol Incident and all associated requirements be fulfilled."

    Finally on the 2nd endorsement, the case of the sexual assault was addressed and the E8 just got an Alcohol Incident.....that's it.

    All this information was obtained through the Freedom of Information Act request....I wish I could find a way to post on here so you could read the Investigation Findings and read how the Capt's down played it and basically let a sexual predator and piece of crap walk away with full retirement and benefits.

  20. Anonymous said: Perhaps there was a target placed on Cmdr Strickland by very senior management. Of course the only way this was conveyed to Criminal Investigative Service (CIS) was through verbal channels. There probably was no written record available through FOIA request of the career death warrant issued from senior management to CIS.

    Seems like this was essentially was a political hit job under the disguise of a "criminal" investigation. CIS follows some political assassination playbook, unwritten or not available through a FOIA request, and such playbook was used to go after Cmdr Strickland.

    Did CIS illegally use Congressional funds to conduct this political investigation ? Does Congress know about that ?

  21. Anonymous said: CGIS was entitled to dig into Strickland's background, Rinckey said,

    What does this mean ? Does that mean try to find some incriminating information on Strickland that goes beyond the scope of the original investigation ?

    So the original investigation (sexual assault) conveniently morphs into another investigation (old chat messages) ? Why was his background like old chat messages examined in the first place ? How was it relevant ?

    Obviously CGIS has a different standard since it seems to be able to do whatever it wants (or as instructed by the CGIS director) as far as retrieving information like Strickland's old chat messages.

  22. What is "inappropriate language"? How do you define? Who defines it? What standard do you use? Do you use the prevailing contempory community standard? Which community? The military community? The American Community? The homosexual community? The Women's' Lib Community? The Silent Majority Community? The conservative Christian Community? The sea going military officer community? Or perhaps the legal community? Why not even the Supreme Court Community? Do you define it the same way they defined pornography and obscenity? That is "I cannot define it but I know it when I see it, that is, when I hear it"?

  23. Is inappropriate language anything that is not politically correct (PC)? Are the PC Police empowered to eliminate the 1st Amendment Right to "free speech"? What is P C today may not be tommorow. What is PC today, tommorow may be "pass-say".
    So, is there a "Statue of Limitations" on inappropriate language? How far can the PC Police go back in your life to find you guilty of politically inappropriate language? Two years? Ten years? Twenty years? Is there any mitigating allowance given for growth, maturity, or cultural development?
    Moreover, if free speech is no longer respected, how about "free thought"? Can a man still find privacy in the santity of his own mind?
    An American citizen should still find security in the sacred confines of his own thoughts and private correspondence.
    Is there no security in our papers and possessions from "unlawful search and seizure"? Electronic seizure is just as unlawful!
    They had no right to seize his personal private correspondence. They may have had the power, but they had NO right!

  24. Did the CG ever provide any proof that the CDR ever said what they claimed? Did the new CO ever provide a chain of custody to demonstrate the "evidence" of his allegations against the CDR were not contaminated? Given the falsehoods exposed here and elsewhere on the web about CGI and the questionable ethics of its leadership, is it really beyond reason that "evidence" was planted by the new CO or the CGI as a way of "finding proof" to get rid of him for his report of a sexual assault, refusal to lie for Pacarea against the old CO, and complaining about the unprofessional manner the investigation was conducted?

  25. This Was An Act Of Cyberterrorism . The Coast Guard uses cyberterrorism against its' officers and personnel.
    It was an act of cyberterrorism when the Coast Guard using the CGIS illegally searched CDR Strickland's computer and information stored in a system of personal records; intercepted and took information out of those files; used the information for politically motivated purposes to disrupt his career, and his personal life.
    The act was premeditated and politically motivated and designed to harm CDR Strickland and to permanent and totally disrupt his career as a Coast Guard officer.According to the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, cyberterrorism is any "premeditated, politically motivated attack against information, computer systems, computer programs, and data which results in violence against non-combatant targets by sub-national groups or clandestine agents."
    What the Coast Guard did was both a crime and an act of terror. It was designed to result in the violent destruction of CDR Strickland's personal life and career; and to spread terror in the hearts and minds of other officers, cadets, and personnel for the purpose of coercion to make them change their minds and actions when they consider reporting acts of sexual harassment or assault, as it is their sworn duty to do. In cyberterrorism, the leading motive is to punish or to coerce people into complying with some political or social demands. Moreover, the act results in violence or fear. What happened to CDR Strickland and his family surely qualifies as cyberterrorism.

  26. Anonymous said :
    VADM Manson Brown was the Pacific Area commander before Zukunft. Would VADM Brown have approved a hit job on one of his subordinates this way ?

  27. VADM Manson Brown was a people's person. I cannot imagine him having allowed something like this to occur on his watch. Public Relations were his long suit. Safeguarding his officers was his forte'.
    No, I seriously doubt that VADM Brown could have approved a hit job like this on one of his subordinates.
    If he had been the Pacific Area Commander before VADM Zukunft, it is reasonable to believe that most, if not, all of the Senior Staff Officers, under VADM Brown would have still been in place under VADM Zukunf. So, the character of the Senior Staff would not have changed much after VADM Brown left. The zeitgeist and the esprit would have been the same in the 'hallowed halls of power' in the Pacific Area.
    Moreover, this type of character assassination does not fit well with the image of VADM Zukunft that was talked about during the Commandant Selection Process times. Master Chief Vince Patton had many flattering anecdotes to tell from officers and enlisted people who had served under Zukunft. This makes this unreal scenario all the more difficult to understand. Could there be a renegade bunch of senior miscreants running around who care nothing for the Commandant or his policies of "people are our most important product"?
    One thing is or sure; it happened. Zunkuft was there, and now he is here. A good man was punished for going by the book and doing his duty. His family was sacrificed for no explicable reason. And now, we have a lot of "bad paper" circulating and much more being generated in diverse sectors of the Government; that is to say, at the BCMR, and in the Inspectors General offices of various Agencies. How this will all work out and what will be the final outcome is anybody's guess. History may have to be the final judge.

  28. Anonymous said:
    The Road to Hell is paved with good intentions. The Road to Success in the Coast Guard appears to be paved with dead bodies, or the carrion of dying careers that have been sacrificed by "Hatchet men" on their way to the Traitors' Ball. At the Academy we called them "buddy-fu..ers". Those are the ones who loved to screw their buddies for the sheer fun of it.
    Someone offered up this poor lad on a silver platter. And what did they get in return? That Thomas guy did a real hatchet job on CDR Strickland.

  29. Anonymous said:
    The OER, Officer Evaluation Report, is the most frequently used weapon of choice.
    CDR Strickland, the XO, received a Derogatory Officer Evaluation Report (OER) from CAPT Thomas, the CO. The Derogatory OER rated CDR Strickland in the Block 9 category as the worst Commander/O-5 he has ever known in the Coast Guard and in Block 10 specifically states that CDR Strickland needs to change his “personal views” to “align with CG direction and policy”.
    That sounds personal and subjective, not professional and objective. And his refusal to allow the XO to see any evidence that the CO claimed to have against him was barbaric, and not in keeping with modern Personnel Management. It was taunting and cruel.
    It seems that when CAPT Thomas arrived at the ship, his mind was already made up concerning CDR Strickland. He had already formed an opinion of the XO. The OER was just a self-fulfilling prophecy. He knew when he reported onboard the MUNRO that he was going to ruin the XO's career. The only question is whether he did it of his own volition or was he carrying out the wishes of someone else. Was he an assassin or a hit-man for some other conspirators at PAC AREA or CG HQ?

  30. Now Hear This: Rumor has it that CAPT Thomas, the Hatchet Man, has been rewarded with orders to be Chief of Response at District Five in Portsmouth, VA. This assignment will allow CAPT Thomas to be closer to his wife and family who reside in Virginia.

  31. Anonymous said...

    Now Hear This: The shchuttle-butt is that; CAPT Michael Ryan, another senior officer with fresh blood on his hands, the blood of fellow officer, CDR Ben Strickland, has been rewarded with orders to become the Executive Assistant to the Commandant (now ADM Zukunft).
    He is the man who had CDR Strickland's orders to Italy pulled prior to the OER being validated, and he authorized the demotion of the CDR to a billet far below his rank and experience.

  32. Anonymous said...

    Now Hear This: CAPT Matthew Bell who arranged for the firing of CDR Strickland from being XO of the USCGC MUNRO for the PACAREA staff has been rewarded with orders to be the next Deputy Commander at CG Personnel Command.

  33. Anonymous said...

    Now Hear This: CAPT Kevin Gavin who approved the validation of CDR Strickland's OER despite the clear violations of CG policy that he was obligated to uphold, was detached to assume duties as CO of the Coast Guard's HITRON squadron in Jacksonville FL.

  34. Anonymous said...

    Now Hear This: CAPT Crabbs was rewarded with assignment to be the next PACAREA chief of staff.
    There is a pattern here, if you know what I mean.

  35. Yes, there is a pattern. And the pattern is that every senior officer involved in the retaliation against CDR Strickland was rewarded with a choice follow-on billet.
    This is nothing new. It is business as usual.
    Look at the officers involved in the ENS Christine D.Balboni Case, and The Cadet Webster Smith Court-martial Case.

  36. Anonymous said...

    There is a pattern, Judge Steverson. It is predicated on the organization norms and culture, and aided by a tenacious CG Legal team and CGIS, perhaps to a point of nefarious actions which always seem to go unchallenged.

  37. Look at the below small snapshot of retaliatory history over the last few years.

    1. Benj Strickland's case, perhaps undue influence from Coast Guard HQ
    2. Thomas Day's case on MSPB
    3. Deepwater acquisition and Dekort being pushed aside
    4. Baltimore Sun article about Coast Guard Admin Court system abuse of power
    5. Washington Times reporter's rights being violated by CGIS
    6. CGIS infiltrating a peace activist group
    7. over-reach to railroad Webster Smith, and let the female cadets conspirators off the hook
    8. perhaps undue influence by Commandant over Rear Admiral Ostebo with railroading the LT Aviator

    There may be many more recent examples. But it seems like business as usual as nothing really has been changed.

  38. There is a Law of Unintended Consequences. It says that "no good deed goes unpunished". When that Law is in effect then the reporting officers and witnesses may become collateral damage. CDR Ben Strickland, former XO of USCGC MUNRO, is the most recent example.

  39. Anonymous said...

    CWO3 Woods "agent note" in in the CGIS report that MUNRO did not get underway from Dutch Harbor because the crew was too intoxicated is a false statement. The truth is MUNRO did not get underway, because MUNRO was released from the search and rescue case by the NORPACSARCOORD when the vessel in distress self-corrected its own mechanical issues - that is the only reason why MUNRO did not get underway. And, District 17 logs support this. This isn't a matter of opinion, the official SAR log that CWO3 Woods reviewed show the same - MUNRO was deemed no longer needed and therefore released from SAR. It might be fair to ask the readers if they think then-VADM Zukunft if he read that investigation. If he did, what did he think when he saw that comment? Did he accept it as fact? Did he ask additional questions? Did it give him reason to think CDR Strickland should be held accountable? Or, did it strike him as a slanted and biased view? Any Admiral I know would certainly question that Special Agents note being presented in an investigation which is supposed to show "facts", and tell their legal staff to figure out what is really going on. Ultimately, it was a D17 decision as to whether the ship needed to get underway or not, and no investigator ever asked D17 why MUNRO did not get underway. The answer to that question lies with the D17 Command Center, and it keeps official logs of all such cases - that is where the "facts" would be. Perhaps then-VADM Zunkunft never read the investigation. Perhaps his legal staff reviewed it, and then briefed him in a biased and slanted manner on the "findings". Still, his legal staff has a professional obligation to ensure that reports of investigation are being conducted in a fair and truthful manner. This which this one was not (certainly not that particular statement as a "Special Agents note"). Is he the kind of Commandant that is now ensuring would ensure his legal staffs are adhering to the highest possible standards? And, if that is an untrue statement, what is is that CWO3 Woods was trying to accomplish, other than to slander and disparage the MUNRO command cadre? If that is the sort of investigator he is, then is he fit to be out there "seeking the truth", either to "prove" or "disprove" allegations? Or, is he allowed to simply keep on digging into the background of CDR Strickland until he finds something he can go after? If CWO3 Woods made a false statement in an official report (one that any reasonably seasoned investigator should have known was not a "fact"), then is he being held accountable? If not, why not? CDR Strickland was terminated from his primary duties without an investigation or due process by then-VADM Zukunft, but CWO3 Woods gets off scot free for falsifying official investigations?

  40. Anonymous said...

    CWO3 Woods put his "agents note" in one of four CGIS reports which stemmed from CDR Strickland's report of a sexual assault. The CGIS Report of Investigation number was: 0068-13-GNW-0026-8D(GE)

  41. If an offense was committed, then who committed the greater offense? Was it CDR Strickland, XO of the MUNRO, with years old chat messages (non UCMJ offense) or CSIC S/A CWO3 Woods with his intentional deception and abuse of his authority as a CGIS agent to obstruct justice by falsifying official CGIS reports?

  42. Anonymous said...

    CDR Strickland was aware of this instance of falsification of a CGIS report by CWO3 Woods and complained about it.
    CWO3 Woods had read the District 17 SAR case log and was aware of the true reason, yet falsified his report anyway. This could be a reason for the retaliation that CDR Strickland complained about (this criminal act by CWO3 Woods), couldn't it ?

  43. This appears to concern the M/V Bankok Bridge Search and Rescue Case in Feb 2013. This is the case CWO3 Woods referenced in one of his investigation reports. CWO3 Woods also made a false official statement in the report when he claimed USCGC MUNRO was unable to respond to a SAR case due to crew intoxication.
    It appears that this was not true and S/A Woods knew that it was not true at the time he made mention of it.
    It is not clear why he would slander the officers and crew of the CGC MUNRO with an allegation of incapacitation due to intoxication when he was aware that it was not true.

  44. BCMR and the USCG
    NOTE: The following questions and ANSWERs apply only to the USCG. For the answers that apply to the USA, USAF, USN, and the USMC see the link above.
    Board of Correction of Military Records (BCMRs)

    a. How have BCMRs typically handled applications that specifically contain
    requests for relief from retaliation for making a protected communication?
    (Answer)The Chair of the BCMR has met with personnel in the Office of the Inspector
    General to ensure they are aware of the BCMR as an avenue of redress, but the
    BCMR has not received a whistleblower case from the Coast Guard in several years. The BCMR has specific regulations for handling such whistleblower cases at 33 CFR part 53.
    b.Are there any additional considerations given if an applicant states or
    provides evidence that he/she has been a victim of sexual assault in the
    (Answer)If the Board received such an application, it
    would consider the recent Medical
    Guidance about PTSD issued by DoD for the correction boards on September 3,
    c.What considerations are given when applicants note they filed a sexual
    assault report, admittedly engaged in collateral or subsequent misconduct, and the command’s adverse action was unfair or an injustice (i.e., a request
    to change an involuntary administrative discharge to a medical discharge)?
    If those cases are not treated as retaliatory claims, please explain how
    BCMRs distinguish those record corrections requests which may imply a
    causal connection to the sexual assault from those that specifically state the
    action was in reprisal to filing a report.
    (Answer)The BCMR does not receive enough sexual assault cases to generalize (fewer than one per year on average), but the Board normally treats an implication of reprisal the same as an outright allegation of reprisal.
    d.What procedures have been developed with DOD IG and/or the Service IGs
    to help expedited the procedures for victims whose retaliation claims have
    been substantiated? How does the BCMR coordinate cases with the DOD
    and Service IGs?
    (Answer) The Chair of the BCMR has met with personnel in the Office of the Inspector General to ensure theyare aware of the BCMR as an avenue of redress, but the BCMR has not received such a whistleblower case in several years.
    e.Have the Services’ BCMRs established a separate procedure for sexual
    assault victims challenging their discharge as required by FY14NDAA section 547?
    If so, please describe that confidential process.
    (Answer) The BCMR has a staff of three, and all BCMR cases are handled confidentially and on a need-to-know basis. In light of section 547, BCMR decisions in sexual assault cases will no longer be posted online.
    f.What steps are BCMRs taking to give due consideration to the psychological
    and physical aspects of an individual’s experience in connection with the sex-related offense and determining what bearing such experience may have had
    on the circumstances surrounding the individual’s discharge or separation
    from the Armed Forces as required by FY15 NDAA 547?
    (Answer) When the BCMR receives an application from a victim of sexual assault, it will take into consideration DoD’s new Medical Guidance about PTSD, and if the applicant received mental health treatment while in the Service, the Coast Guard’s advisory opinion for the case will contain the opinion of a psychologist or psychiatrist, in accordance with section 521 of the FY15 NDAA.

  45. This Book was written for "posterity" and not for profit.

  46. Special Agent Jonathan Sall, the man in charge of the U.S. Coast Guard’s internal investigations in the Northwest Region has been arrested, charged with Rape, and released on $20,000.00 Bail. Special Agent (S/A) Sall has been temporarily relieved of duty. He was the Immediate Supervisor of CGIS S/A Aaron Woods, Base Kodiak, Alaska. They appear to have conspired to deprive CDR Benjamin Strickland of his Civil and Constitutional Rights. They Cyber Terrorized CDR Strickland, invaded his privacy, conducted an unlawful search of his private quarters while he was away on Regular Leave. They caused his PCS Orders to Italy to be cancelled. They ruined his career because he reported a sexual assault on his ship. CDR Strickland was acting within the scope of his regular duties as the Executive Officer of the ship. That was a very confusing situation. It is beginning to come into the light as more and more stones are overturned. These decisions were made high up the Chain-of-Command. We still do not really know why.